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10 September 2021
Michael Juma

Just a question, as a Danish, on which platform do you host your hotel websites? Using foreign web hotel hosting, right? If your business has not gone international, then you need more Danish web hosting services for better localization

Web hotel, https://webhotel-guiden.dk/ is the home for all these bunches of services for danish businesses. With web-hotel hosting, you are like to enjoy numerous affordable services. These are but are not limited to:

  • Affordable and reliable web hosting, just implying very cheap hosting
  • Professional services in web-hosting
  • Reliable telephone support for web hotel
  • Free SSL certificate for your web,… And
  • Hosting web with cPannel 

This is the quality you need for your hotel business here in Denmark. The web hotel offers many packages for you. The selection is now yours since you are conversant with work better for your business. Check the packages below and choose the one in your favour.

Types of Web Hotel Names

  • ScanNet

    This is a one-click installation with a 25GB server space, 1GB memory, unlimited email addresses plus instant Danish support. How much does it cost? For as low as DKK 99, you can enjoy these services, very affordable to speak.

  • Wannafind

    The package offers you one 10GB server space, 1GB memory, 3 email addresses, Danish email and phone support. This one is extra cheap, ever been witnessed. Just of DKK 12.49 per month, you got covered.

  • SmartWeb 

    This has a whole bunch of goodies just for you. Think of approved e-brand, Facebook shopping, google shopping, price runner, On-payment module, free Danish support, hosting updates and many more. Wondering how much it cost you? DKK 189 per month is the lowest package you can get.

  • Dandomain

    The package shares more of the same specification as Wannafind.

  • simply.com 

    Commonly referred to as Simply.com, is one of a kind. Look, 1-click installation, unlimited email addresses, daily backups, 5GB space, monthly traffic and exceptional discount on your first year. For DDK 9.50 per month, this package will make your business booming.

Pick the best package for your business today in Denmark, for the best services from the webhotel-guiden.dk  

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